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We work with the leading implants companies as a straumann platimum  approved laboratory and Dentsply  trained  and Noble .

We work with Straumann Createc and Atlantis Milling centres to produce implants substratures.


Crown and Bridge

We use VITA ceramics and 3D shades to build our crowns and bridges as well Vita VM LC Composite

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Bonded Work

We offer choice of alloy non-precious or gold palladium content .

We recommend using non precious alloy for long-span and Maryland bridges for greater strength. 

All our porcelain bonded to metal units has porcelain shoulder buccaly or labialy for better aesthetics.

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All Ceramics Zirconia

Zirconia is one of the first modern materials to have made an impact on  today 's wold market, having the characteristic of biocompatibility, elasticity,mechanical resilient to withstand fatigue and compression etc,

Today there are many types of Zirconia available on the market, We work with high translucent for standard posterior work and super translucent ZR (Vita YZ Zirconia) for anterior where customised shades is required as it come with a range of colours.

LIthuim Desilicate.

IPS. e-max press ( glass-ceramics) deliver high esthetics and high strength of 400 MPa with a different degree of opacity or translucency of the pressed ingots 

The selection of the translucency level is based on the shade of the prepared tooth, to make the best possible true-to-nature result the clinician need to determine the shade of the prepared tooth by using IPS e-max stump shade guide or Vita shade guide plus photos of the prepared tooth (if possible ) this will give us the ability to mask out the discoloured teeth. shade of the cementation materials will also influence the final shade.

IPS. e-max clinical steps guide are available on your request 

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Hybrid Ceramics (86% Ceramic) Multi-Layer

VITA ENAMIC is the first hybrid dental ceramic in the world with a dual-network structure. In this dental material , the dominant ceramic network is reinforced by a polymer network , with both networks fully integrated with one another. 

VITA ENAMIC is a dental hybrid material that combines the positives characteristics of a ceramic and a composite.

This material is perfectly suited for posterior crowns restorations and enables the reduction of wall thickness of minimaly-invasive restorations such as no-prep veneers.